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HGVTrade is the first and only financial analysis platform in the world that analyzes Stocks, currency pairs and Crypto currencies quickly with artificial intelligence and presents these analyzes to you on the chart with analysis modeling.

Why is it Advantageous?

HGVTrade is the first and unique in its field. HGVTrade analyzes and calculates all symbols and presents everything you need to look at, without tiring you. Whichever symbol you look at, it conveys information that will protect you from risks.
A lot
Parities - Symbols - Stocks

413 Cryptocurrency

144 Forex

100 Nasdaq

372 Stock (Bist)

The analysis of indices and many other symbols is at your fingertips whenever and wherever you want.

Stock MarketForexCryptoIndex
Short-Medium-Long Term

GHOSTFibonacci With artificial intelligence calculations, have all the support-resistance data before each symbol prices occur.

Scan Lists
Save Time

HGVTrade scans all symbols for Day, Daily and Weekly, tests the highlights, calculates and presents them for you. All you have to do is browse for 1 minute.

HGVTrade Laser
Follow the Trend

Every stock, cryptocurrency and currency pair has a 'CHARACTER'. You can see the character and trend of each symbol and how strong this trend is in seconds and avoid the risks.

Tradingview Chart
Nasdaq analysis
Forex analysis
Cryptocurrency analysis
Bist analysis
Daily and weekly support resistance data
Daily and weekly algorithmic search lists
Intraday algorithmic scans
Medium - long term stock analysis (BIST)
Top Bottom analysis
Radar analysis
Sector analysis (BIST) (Soon)
Seasonality analysis (Soon)
Frequently Asked Questions

Is HGVTrade a corporate business?

HGVTrade is a sole proprietorship registered with the tax office and invoices your payments through this registry and sends the invoices of your payments via e-mail within the legal period.

Can I get an invoice for my HGVTrade purchases??

Your invoice is sent to you via e-mail for every payment you make on the HGVTrade site, even if you do not want it.

What does it mean to be a HGVTrade Premium member?

All usage rights you earn in return for the payment you make in order to benefit from all the analysis in HGVTrade are called 'HGVTrade Premium member'.

What should I do to become a HGVTrade Premium member?

In order to become a HGVTrade Premium member, you can also make a subscription payment by credit card payment from the site, or you can become a member with a TRANSFER / EFT payment made through your own bank account. If you pay with your credit card, the system will open automatically. For the payments you make by TRANSFER / EFT, your system will be activated by us after the necessary controls are provided.

Is my information recorded or used in my HGVTrade payments?

The HGVTrade site does not use your information. Your Personal Information is collected for legal situations and invoicing. When your membership ends, your personal information will be deleted upon your request. In this context, you can review our 'User and Sales Agreement, Withdrawal, Cancellation - Return Conditions, Risk Warning, Privacy Policy, KVKK and Cookies' policies and agreements on the site.

How do I renew or cancel my HGVTrade Premium membership when my membership period expires?

Your HGVTrade Premium membership will automatically renew when the subscription period expires, as long as you have not canceled your subscription and you have sufficient funds on your credit card, if you subscribed by credit card payment. Therefore, users who do not want to renew their memberships with credit card must inform us at least 15 (fifteen) days before e-mail address iletisim@hgvtrade.com. Otherwise, there is no right of objection in automatic renewals.

There is no automatic renewal for users who sign up with the TRANSFER / EFT method. Unless our members make a new TRANSFER / EFT themselves, there is no withdrawal from their accounts. Users who want to become a member can make a request to become a member of the site again on the expiry date, by TRANSFER / EFT.

Is HGVTrade a trading platform?

HGVTrade is not a trading platform. It is not possible to send a buy and sell order in any symbol, as in banks or brokerage houses. hgvtrade.com site is an analysis platform based entirely on technical analysis.

Is HGVTrade a brokerage firm?

HGVTrade is not a brokerage firm. It does not offer or claim to offer the services you receive in intermediary institutions. hgvtrade.com site is an analysis platform based entirely on technical analysis.

Can we watch a live data of HGVTrade?

As the HGVTrade team, among our long-term goals, although the infrastructure preparations that will allow live data monitoring are made, live data sharing is not currently carried out. Data update for Borsa İstanbul data for which daily analysis and calculations are made, every evening after the closing of the session, the analyzes are updated with new data until 19.30 at the latest.

Apart from this, forex - crypto money and Nasdaq100 data are reflected to the system with a delay of one hour. The reason for tracking with a delay of one hour is to follow up in lower time zones and to avoid calculations that we think the analysis will harm our members. Our retrospective tests have shown that the healthiest data are within the lowest periods of 1 hour.

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